Welcome to the area.

Welcome to the area. There are a lot of things that can be done to preserve the small town way of life here. Some of the most often heard words from new residents from out of State (and even some that have been here for quite some time) begin something like this, "Well, where I come from we didn't do it like this..." or "Back home we had...".

If you've moved into the area because you paid us a visit and "just fell in love with Cody and the people", Then decided to make a move. We, the locals, must respectfully request you remember why you fell in love with the area to begin with. If you like something, much like a personal relationship, you don't try to change it. Adapt your way of thinking from the New England or West Coast mind set and try to integrate.

Over the past few decades, Cody has seen an increase in out of state immigrants move in. Mostly Retiree's looking for a nice peaceful little place out of the way. Others , not so ready for relaxing, but decide that they want to be involved with local policy and government. There is of course nothing wrong with this, however, we stress again, Please! Please! Please! Do not change our little piece of heaven into a mirror image of where you came from.

On another note, Wyoming and the surrounding neighbor states are known for the Outdoors, Camping, Fishing, and Hunting. If you are lucking enough to purchase acreage where the deer and antelope roam, please consider working with your local neighbors for hunting and fishing access. Most local hunters and fisherman are Conservationists, we help keep the animal population in check from overcrowding and starving (if you don't know what conservation is, please inform yourself). Moreover, most here don't hunt for trophy, we harvest our game to feed our family's like your ancestors did before us.

We ride Motorcycles, Dirt bikes, Three-Wheelers, and ATV's of all kinds. They make noise and kick up dust, they just do. If you buy or build your house on a public road, don't complain about the motorized traffic.

Please, don't feed the Wildlife! Yes they are pretty to look and we know you feel sorry for them. But feeding the Wildlife actually does more harm to them than it helps. It is also illegal to do so. Wolves' are a bad subject here. We did not as for them to be introduced to Yellowstone, since then they have spread outside of the Park boundaries and are pushing out, harassing, and indiscriminately killing big game animals. Wolves are not your Chihuahua, they will happily eat it though. Sadly a local joke is "Cody, home of the two acre ranch" . Seriously, 2 acres does not a ranch make and it does not qualify you to be a Rancher.

Now that you are here in Paradise, please teach your children the value of hard work and respect for others. We do not need any more drug and gang activity here that we already have. Yes we have that, this is small town America. Fortunately there are a lot of good kids here. Unfortunately any past business owner attempting to cater their business toward supplying the kids a place to relax and have fun, don't last very long. A few bad apples sometime ruin it, but police harassment does take its toll as well. So, find your kids something to do, teach them a work ethic so they don't get bored and get in trouble.

As a community, we are Independent, Conservative, and Libertarian in our beliefs. If you place an Obama, Hillary, Bernie, etc. bumper sticker on your vehicle, don't be "shocked" or "offended" by the reactions you may receive. At least we will think you are ignorant and respond accordingly. Don't push your liberal agenda on us, it goes against our common sense.

Thank you for your Consideration